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How Do Earmolds Help?

Man with Hearing Aid Earmold

If you need to get an earmold, you might be worried about what this does. Your audiologist might have explained to you how this is going to help you, but if you are still a little confused, that is probably why you have found this article. Don’t worry, we are going to explain how an earmold can help. But, before you can understand how it can help you, you need to understand what it is.

What is an earmold?

You can’t fully understand how something can help you if you aren’t sure what it is to begin with. An earmold is a small piece of plastic or another soft material, that is shaped to fit your ear. There are many reasons that your hearing care provider could suggest that you need an earmold. It could be to protect your ear. It could be to help prevent further hearing loss. Or, if you need or have hearing aids, the earmold is used to connect the ear canal to the device, to ensure optimum hearing.

How does this help?

Without the earmold, your hearing aid might not work in the way that it is supposed to. When your audiologist inserts your earmold, it will connect the ear canal to the device. This helps you because it focuses on hearing from behind the ears, meaning that the sound quality you receive is going to be better. That’s why it is important that the fitting is done correctly. If it isn’t, you might experience some issues with the sound that your hearing aid is providing.

If you have an earmold to protect your ears, it will stop things getting into your ears. Certain athletes such as swimmers use earmolds to stop the water from damaging their hearing. This way, they can prevent any issues with their hearing developing, particularly if they are constantly diving deep into a pool. Deep sea divers will also typically use this as a form of ear protection.

You might have an earmold to prevent any further hearing loss. In this case, the earmold acts as a barrier and doesn’t let the sound leak out, or indeed, loud noises in at their full volume. This preserves your hearing for as long as possible. This will be beneficial to you because the longer that your hearing stays in good shape, the better. Earmolds are especially helpful if you go to places like concerts frequently.

Any further questions?

If you have any further questions on how earmolds help you, you can contact your audiologist, and they will be able to fill in any blanks that you may still have. Don’t worry about asking questions, you need to fully understand what is happening with your hearing and why the treatment method that has been put forward, is going to help you.