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Your 3 Step Guide to Checking Out an Audiologist Online

Your 3 Step Guide to Checking Out an Audiologist Online

When you’re searching for an audiologist, the choices can seem endless. If you don’t know someone who has personally seen an audiologist, you may not know where to find one. The internet is a wonderful place to start, but it’s crucial you know what to look for in order to find the right audiologist.

1. Visit the audiologist’s website

You search and find an audiologist in your area. But before you schedule your appointment, take a moment to visit their website and look for some key information.

First to the nuts and bolts.

  • Check the location and hours: Look through the general information on the website. You should be able to find the audiologist’s office location and hours of operation. You want to consider these items if you have a job with conflicting hours, or if the office is located in an inconvenient part of the city. 
  • Check services provided: Does the audiologist specialize in the condition you’re seeking treatment for? Some audiologists specialize in working with children, while others treat balance disorders or tinnitus. Peruse the website and find out what the audiologist focuses on.
  • First Impressions: Does your visit to the website leave your feeling empowered and positive, or overwhelmed and confused. Remember, this could reflect what a visit in person is like.

2. Keep searching

Don’t stop with the first hearing practice you find, but browse a few more and compare. Get a feel for the ethos and helpfulness of the practice, and see if they’re people you can picture yourself trusting with your hearing health.

This may strengthen your initial impression that the first clinic was perfect. But you might find another practice that excels even those high standards. In short, this is your chance to shop around to get a fit that feels right.

3. Cross reference with reviews

After visiting a few different websites, you probably have a short list of the audiologist’s you’re considering. You’ve probably read glowing testimonials on the clinic’s website and your hand is already stretching toward the phone.

Before you schedule your appointment, consider searching other websites for reviews on the audiologist.

From Google reviews to healthcare-specific review websites, there are a number of options you can check out when looking for real, unbiased opinions of care received from the audiologist.

Of course, you want to take any online review with a grain of salt. If a clinic was awarded one star because the audiologist kept you waiting without an explanation, then you may want to reconsider. However, if one star was given because the coffee in the waiting room was bitter, you could argue that if that’s the only thing the patient found to complain about, then the clinic is doing pretty well.

Finding an audiologist is an integral part of treating your hearing loss. When searching online for an audiologist, consider the tips above and use your own gut instinct to find the right professional for you!