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Why Is a Hearing Aid Fitting Important?

Why Is a Hearing Aid Fitting Important?

Once you’ve been diagnosed with hearing loss and the audiologist has recommended hearing aids, you’ll want to schedule a hearing aid fitting appointment. The hearing aid fitting appointment is just as important as selecting the right device. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why it is important and necessary for not only you, but also your hearing aids, your ears and your audiologist.

Fitting your lifestyle

First and foremost, the reason why a hearing aid fitting appointment is important is to make sure that the device fits you, your ears and your lifestyle properly; to ensure that what was ordered is appropriate for your daily needs. Your audiologist needs and wants to ensure they ordered the correct hearing aid, as well as making sure the manufacturer made the right hearing aid for you and your ears.

Fitting your ears

Second, your hearing health professional wants to ensure the fit and comfort of the hearing aid is optimal for you. They want to ensure that you enjoy wearing your hearing aid(s) every day and do not stick them in a drawer because they hurt you every time you put them in. Additionally, they want to ensure there are no pressure points that can cause you pain or sores in your ears, while also making sure there is a tight enough fit to keep whistling and feedback at a minimum.

Fitting your needs

Third, your audiologist would like to check the programming and sound quality of the hearing aid with you. They like to confirm that your hearing aid has been programmed properly for your hearing loss, as well as your hearing needs. This process will enable the audiologist to fit your hearing aids specifically to the sound environments you’re a part of most frequently; making it easy for you to switch between settings seamlessly.  

Adjustments can easily be made to your hearing aid, whether to the sound or programs or to the fit of the hearing aid, in the office during your hearing aid fitting appointment. These adjustments will help to ensure optimal use for you, the hearing aid wearer, and will help your audiologist provide you the best product necessary for your hearing loss.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the hearing testing process, selecting the right device or a hearing aid fitting, contact an audiologist in your area today and schedule an appointment.