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What to Expect at an Audiology Appointment

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If you are experiencing hearing loss, then booking an appointment with an audiologist is a must. They can help you to find out if there are any issues causing the hearing loss, and to assess the type and level of hearing loss. However, it is something that you are not likely to have been to before, unlike an eye test or a medical with your doctor, so you may not know what to expect. Here is a breakdown of what will happen during your appointment so you will know what to expect.

What do audiologists do?

Audiologists are trained professionals who specialize in assessing, diagnosing and managing any issues related to hearing. All audiologists will have a master’s degree as a minimum, and some will have a Doctor of Audiology qualification, which is equivalent to having a Ph.D. Audiologists will use a range of tests to evaluate your hearing ability, as well as fitting hearing aids, where necessary.

First appointment

In your first appointment, the focus will be on finding out the impact that the hearing loss you are experiencing is having on your life, as well as assessing your current hearing levels. The audiologist will go through some medical questions around your hearing and your ears, then look at your hearing loss, the expectations of the appointment and how your hearing loss makes you feel. 

A part of this appointment is to assess your hearing with a hearing test. This will involve your audiologist finding quiet sounds and then assess whether you can hear those sounds when put alongside some tones that vary in pitch. 

An appointment with an audiologist is your chance to discuss what your hearing is like and how it is impacting you. You will also be presented with a range of options so that you can manage your hearing loss going forward. So, think about your hearing, where you have noticed the biggest changes and what you would like done about it, before you go. If you need to have hearing aids fitted, then there will be a follow-up appointment with tests, to make sure that your hearing aids give you the right amount of sound. During the appointment the audiologist will also talk you through the different options, such as having your hearing aid being fully automatic or not.

How long will the appointment take?

An appointment with an audiologist can take around forty-five minutes to one hour. If you will need to be fitted for a hearing aid then that would involve an additional appointment which is likely to take up to an hour too. Follow up appointments after being fitted with a hearing aid are quicker, taking no more than thirty minutes for a face-to-face appointment. 

Do I need to bring anything with me?

If the hearing loss that you are experiencing means that you might not be able to understand very much, it could be helpful to have someone else come with you. A close friend or family member is a good idea, as they will understand the level of hearing loss that you’re currently experiencing and help you to communicate. If you need reading glasses, then bringing them with you is a good idea as there will be some forms to sign and you might want to check on the detail of some hearing aids, should they need to be fitted. For a first appointment, taking a list with you of any medications that you are on is important. 

What will the audiologist ask you?

It is a good idea to think about your appointment as being a two-way conversation. It is a conversation about the hearing loss you have been experiencing. As a result, the audiologist will want to understand what has happened, and understand if there are any underlying medical issues generally, as well as with your ears, such as infections or dizzy spells. Really, though, what you will be asked will be about them being able to understand your hearing loss, know what impact it is having on you and what you would like to be done about it. 

If you would like to find out more about hearing loss or you are interested in booking in for an audiology appointment, then please get in contact with us at Hear for You Hearing & Balance Center. We have a great team of experienced and trained audiologists that can help with any hearing loss you have been experiencing. Give us a call today at 401-475-6116. We look forward to hearing from you.