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What Can an Audiologist Do for You?

What Can an Audiologist Do for You?

If you have hearing loss, who should you turn to for help?

The good news is there are a variety of hearing care professionals ready to help you start your journey to better hearing. Audiologists are one of these professionals.

Let’s start at the beginning. If you become aware your hearing isn’t what it once was and you are in good health then an audiologist is perfectly qualified to check out the problem. If you experience other symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, or faintness, then it is best to see your physician, who can investigate issues that might affect your hearing. They will then suggest you see a hearing care professional, like an audiologist.

What an audiologist does

Audiologists like to paint a complete picture of your hearing health. By looking deeper for the root cause of your hearing problem, sometimes a solution other than a hearing device presents itself. Indeed, the audiologist can spot patterns in the audiogram which serve as an early warning of heart disease! (Furred up blood vessels can cause changes in the microcirculation to the ear which alter hearing.)

In addition, the audiologist takes the time and care to get to know your hearing needs and therefore which hearing device is best suited to meet them. For instance, the active sportsperson who perspires heavily has a different requirement to a person taking part in a choir. The audiologist also has knowledge of the latest devices at their disposal, and can suggest devices that suit those who are less dexterous or alternatively who require a highly discrete hearing aid.

Level of service

Audiologists also pride themselves on offering an outstanding level of service to their patients. They help you become familiar with your device, and fine tune it so you get the most from it. And if you are struggling to adapt to life with a hearing device, they are happy to help with rehabilitation to help you become a confident user.

Servicing hearing aids

And finally, don’t forget, your audiologist also undertakes servicing and minor repairs, and often offer a loaner device should yours be away for any length of time. On every count, an audiologist is best placed to serve all your hearing needs.