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Top 10 Questions to Ask your Audiologist

Top 10 Questions to Ask your Audiologist

Everyone has done it. You have thousand-and-one questions to ask and then they fly out of your head. When having a hearing test plan ahead by reading our top 10 questions that cover all the options.

#1: Can I bring a friend along?

During the consultation, you might not remember everything that’s said to you. Having an extra pair of ears in the shape of a friend or family member is an invaluable aid to getting the most out of your visit.

Most audiologists are more than happy to accommodate this request, so don’t be bashful and plan to take someone along for moral support.

#2: What is the main problem with my hearing?

It may be obvious to the audiologist what the problem is, but are you clear? If you aren’t then ask a direct question; it is your hearing after all.

#3: What will happen if we do nothing?

For clarities sake it’s a good idea to have a grasp of the worst case scenario. Before you invest in a hearing device, cut the chase and check you actually need hearing help at this stage. Sometimes a problem can safely be monitored, or it might even be wise to follow up with a medical physician depending on the cause of the hearing loss is.

#4: How do we correct my hearing problem?

The audiologist confirms your suspicions that it is time to use a hearing device. But the latter vary widely in style (such as behind the ear or in the canal), design and capability. Your audiologist will welcome the chance to talk through the options and may include speech therapy or learning to read facial expressions.

#5: Is my new hearing aid covered by a warranty?

A highly capable hearing aid is not cheap, so for peace of mind find out how long it is warranted for and what that guarantee covers. It might be possible to purchase an extended warranty.

#6: What happens if my hearing device needs repairs?

Many clinics undertake minor adjustments on site. For more serious issues the device might be sent away for repair. If this is the case, ask if the clinic has ‘loaner’ devices to assist your hearing while yours is away.

#7: How do I maintain my hearing aid?

Simple maintenance measures such as airing the battery compartment at night can extend the working life of your device. Check with your audiologist how to do this.

#8: When is my next hearing test due?

A crucial question for the best ongoing hearing health, your audiologist will recommend when it’s time to have your first hearing test. It’s also possible you’ll need another one done even after you get hearing aids to ensure your hearing isn’t changing.

#9: What is the best way to contact you if I have questions?

More than likely questions pop into your mind once you leave the clinic. Having a contact phone number or an email address means you can get those queries answered.

#10: Is there anything else I should know?

While this is an open-ended question, it can help jog your audiologist’s memory to make sure they covered all the bases when it comes to your hearing health!