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Over 50 million people in the US suffer from tinnitus . It’s such a common condition and is caused by a plethora of different things. Most people suffer from tinnitus after being around loud noises for a long period of time - for example, attending a concert or working around loud machinery. However, it can also occur randomly, or be

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Clear hearing is one of the greatest natural blessings that any human can possess. Therefore, you must take the necessary steps to protect your ears at all times. One of the most important ideas revolves around regular hearing tests . Hearing loss can be more difficult to spot than bad eyesight or physical damages. Nonetheless, problems with your ears can

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About one-fifth of Americans have some sort of hearing loss. Once we reach 65, one in three Americans have hearing loss. Yet we often put off seeking treatment. Audiologists can perform several hearing tests to determine if you have hearing loss, but they also do much more. Here are four reasons to see an audiologist. 1. Excessive earwax For many

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