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Hearing aids are incredibly useful devices and improve your ability to hear and thus your quality of life. You can have hearing aids at any point in your life, from the twilight years to early childhood. Unfortunately, these devices, offered by your audiologist are quite delicate and may eventually need repairs . Proper maintenance and care is crucial to keep

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Going to see an audiologist might seem scary but often there is nothing to worry about. Many auditory issues don’t cause permanent damage and progression in hearing aids means that many people who are struggling with their hearing experience a new lease on life. Many people have a difficult time recognizing their hearing issues because it usually develops gradually .

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Tinnitus is often described as a ringing sensation in the ear. Actually trying to describe it can be difficult because everyone experiences it in a different way. While a “ringing” sound is the most common way to explain it, some people would also attribute it to whooshing, hissing, whistling or even buzzing. Regardless of how one chooses to describe tinnitus,

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