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Innovative Hearing Protection

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Your hearing is one thing that’s always worth protecting. You don’t want to risk losing your hearing or experiencing some form of reduction in the quality of your hearing just because you didn’t take the right precautions to make sure your hearing was properly protected. There are many things you can do to protect your hearing, but it all depends on the situation and what the risk to your hearing actually is.

There are all kinds of innovative new ways to protect your hearing. We’re going to look at a variety of situations in which you might need to protect your hearing. We’ll then discuss the variety of options available to you when choosing the best hearing solution out there for each of those situations.

Industrial hearing protection

There’s a range of different needs when choosing hearing protection for industrial uses. Industrial ear protection comes in many forms and the level of protection offered must be dictated by the decibels you’re going to be exposed to when working. The basic level of protection is generally offered by earmuffs and then earplugs of various kinds.

Earmuffs that are attached to a safety helmet are often used in industries when there’s a risk of falling objects and things like that. Stronger hearing protectors are also available for industrial workers. The strongest levels of protection are required for people working in airports, police and military settings. This is when 140+ dBs can be regularly reached. In factory settings and the construction industry, 70-90dBs is usually the norm.

Hearing protection for motorcyclists

The wind rushing past your eyes when you drive your motorcycle at 50 mph can have a significant impact on your hearing. The sound levels associated with that can surpass 100dBs, which is pretty shocking to many. That’s why it’s so important to use hearing protection whenever you’re riding a motorcycle. Hearing loss and damage will occur if you ride a motorcycle regularly without protection.

General hearing plugs are generally used by motorcyclists who want to protect their hearing better, but there are some more advanced options entering the market right now. For example, some biker earplugs now come with ceramic filters that offer more protection against dangerous levels of noise. It’s important that these are designed in a way that still makes it possible for bikers to hear sirens from emergency services vehicles too though.

Hearing protection for musicians

Musicians also need to be protected from very loud noises because they’re often standing on stage next to huge speakers. That proximity to speaks puts their hearing at risk and it’s not at all uncommon for musicians to experience tinnitus as a result. Hearing protection tailored to the needs of musicians has come a long way in recent years, with protection becoming more comprehensive than ever before.

Custom and made-to-fit hearing protection is most commonly used by musicians. These types of earplugs allow performers to block out all the noise and that’s possible because the plugs they’re using are specifically designed to fill their ear and we all have different shaped ears. Specialists make these just for musicians and they can block out quite a lot of noise. Dynamic molds tend to be used by singers because they don’t interfere with jaw movement at all, which is obviously key for singers.

General use earplugs

There are all kinds of situations in which you might want to use earplugs to protect your hearing better. Staying on the topic of live music, it’s not just the musicians who are at risk. People who attend live shows regularly and who are often exposed to very loud speakers also need to be protected. That’s especially the case for people standing near the stage where the sound is loudest and potentially most damaging.

There are all kinds of options out there. It’s always good to have your own pair of general-use, all-purpose earplugs that you feel comfortable with. Some people find that they help when they’re on planes and things like that too. They’re useful whenever your ears are going to be strained.

Hearing protection is vital in all kinds of situations and circumstances. It’s never worth taking a risk with your hearing, so be sure to make the most of the tips and advice above. There's a form of hearing protection out there for just about everyone and every need and there are innovations taking place all the time too. Visit Hearing for You Hearing & Balance Center to learn more or call (401) 475-6116.