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Hearing Aids Lincoln, RI

Modern hearing aids are robust, durable and designed to give many years of reliable service. Many also make use of digital technology and the wonders of miniaturization to deliver powerful amplification in a discrete package. But just like any device with intricate pieces, it requires the correct care in order to ensure trouble-free operation and maximize its longevity.

But caring for your hearing aid doesn’t have to be difficult; it’s merely a matter of treating the device right, some basic maintenance and knowing when to seek your audiologist’s help.

First off, wear your hearing aid! Leaving it in a drawer and wearing it only on special occasions can mean your ears struggle to make sense of the amplified sounds. This is because the brain can forget how to interpret noise and switch the hearing part of brain function off.

You wear your hearing aid daily, which is great news. But in the same way that it’s not great for your health to get soaking wet or to stand in the full sun for hours, your hearing device deserves a little consideration.


Remember those intricate electrical circuits and treat them with respect. Avoid getting your hearing aid wet, be that in a rainstorm or in a humid environment such as the shower. Take sensible precautions such as using an umbrella outdoors or pop a special “sleeve” over the body of the hearing aid, in the same way you wear a waterproof jacket to keep the rain out. (Your audiologist can show you style suitable for your device.)


But moisture comes in other forms, such as perspiration. Especially if you wear your device whilst exercising, at the end of the day open the battery compartment, remove the batteries, dry them on a soft cloth and if possible put the device in a dehumidifier overnight. These are inexpensive, usually costing just a few dollars, and are a great way to get rid of condensation.


You might not think twice about spritzing yourself with scent, but you should. Products such as hairspray, deodorants, perfume, insect repellent and aftershave all contains chemicals or alcohols that have the potential to damage your hearing device. This doesn’t mean you have to stop using them, simply ensure that fitting your hearing aid is the last thing on the list and wash your hands before handling it.


Hearing devices can suffer when exposed to extremes of heat. Whilst it may seem obvious not to put your device in the oven or a microwave, not leaving it in a hot car may not be uppermost in your thoughts when you’re in a rush. Also, avoid putting your device near a heat source such as a radiator or heater, and keep it out of direct sunlight.

Knocks and Bumps

Last but not least, when cleaning your device it’s best to do so over a soft surface, such as a table top spread with a towel. That way it won’t come to harm if accidentally dropped.