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How to Know When It Is Time to Upgrade Your Hearing Aids

an audiologist showing her patient new in-the-canal hearing aids

Hearing aids are excellent additions to your life if you deal with hearing loss. One minute you are isolated and ashamed that you can’t keep up with a conversation and the next your social life is buzzing again. For the millions of people experiencing a downgrade in their hearing, this is essential as it prevents loneliness and mental health issues such as Alzheimer’s.

Of course, there’s no way to guarantee that they will last forever. Electronic items have notoriously low life cycles, which means you’ll have to get a replacement at some point. The key is to decide when the best time for a substitute is. The last thing you want to do is throw away your current devices when they are in good working order.

Thankfully, you can watch out for the warning signs. When you see the signals below, that’s when you know it’s time for an upgrade!

They are four-years-old

Technically, a hearing instrument can last anywhere between three and seven years. Some might last longer, depending on the make, model and how well they are maintained. But, as a rule, the features will start to decline around the four-year mark.

This is because the technology inside the aid won’t be as cutting-edge as it was previously. There might be a build-up of dirt, grime or the hardware could experience wear and tear. Regardless, it’s better to size up a replacement sooner rather than later. Otherwise, your device could break and impact your hearing.

If in doubt, you can take it to an audiologist and ask for their opinion. With a good clean, you could milk more years out of it. However, it might be cheaper and less hassle to opt for an upgrade, instead.

Your hearing is worse

Another element you might not consider is the quality of your hearing. Your hearing could get worse over time, and when this happens, your current hearing aids won’t be up to the job. You’ll need newer devices that are fitted and calibrated to your evolving specifications.

How can you tell? Firstly, the quality of the sound received by the instrument will be lower. It might be the device, yet if it’s new and showing no warning signs, it’s probably your ears. Alternatively, you can stop wearing your aids and evaluate whether your hearing without them is the same or worse.

An appointment with an audiologist will solve the matter because they’ll be able to tell you about the root cause of the problem.

There are changes in your life

If your current devices are set up to help you in certain situations, they won’t be as useful if you spend less time in those environments. For instance, you used to be a freelancer who could set their hours and work from a quiet home office. However, after a change of jobs, you now handle a large volume of calls or work in a busy, fast-paced workspace.

As a result, your hearing instruments won’t be up to the job, which is why it’s time for a change. The key is to speak to your audiologist about which devices are best for your lifestyle. Tell them about any changes, no matter how trivial they might appear, and listen to what they have to say.

The same applies to your family life as well as your professional one. A prime example is a new addition to the family. After all, listening to a baby’s cries and calls is essential as a parent or grandparent.

Better tech is available

Sometimes, an upgrade is required when new technology hits the market. It’s not ideal to buy new hearing aids every year, yet it’s necessary if the latest release will improve your hearing and lifestyle.

The trick is to keep your finger on the pulse and match the features to your circumstances. If you prefer an aid that automatically alters the volume and settings based on the environment, you should pick an advanced device. Or, if you need something that cuts out the complicated user interface, a mobile app will be perfect.

When in doubt, your audiologist is the best person to speak to as they’ll inform you about the latest releases.

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