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Ready for your first audiology appointment ? If you’re like many, going to an appointment with an audiologist can be intimidating, mainly because many people do not understand what goes on during the visit. Understanding what occurs during your first appointment with an audiologist can help reduce anxiety and provide peace of mind knowing that you’re not getting yourself into

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How does one really prepare for a hearing test ? Is there actually a right or wrong way to do so? These are both very good questions and no there really is no right or wrong way just as long as you do and prepare in a way that works best for you. Each and every person is different. No

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Congratulations! Scheduling a hearing test is the first step on the path to better hearing. You can prepare and get the most out of the appointment by bearing these five simple steps in mind. 1. Colds and flu You know how your hearing is often muffled when you have a cold or flu? This is because the tubes connecting your

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