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Can I Clean My Ears At Home?

Can I Clean My Ears At Home?

The human ear has a miraculous way of working. Containing some of the tiniest bones and the thinnest membranes, this organ makes it possible for us to stand, walk, balance, hear and talk. Not only does it contribute to giving us a true sense of the world around us, but it also helps maintain the equilibrium of the human body itself.

When to clean your ears

Our ears have their own in-built mechanism of cleaning themselves up. Cerumen produced inside the ear helps in lubricating it and keeping away foreign objects, such as dust, debris and bacteria. However, the cerumen also traps dead skin cells and debris to form a thick, wax-like liquid that we commonly refer to as earwax.

While earwax gradually moves out of the ear during sleep or shower, in some cases it may begin to build up, causing irritation, pain and other more serious problems. Symptoms of earwax buildup include earaches, a feeling of fullness in the ear canal and oddly colored earwax. Some people even complain of sudden hearing loss and tinnitus.

How to clean your ears

If you have any of the symptoms mentioned above, the best course of action is to see an audiologist and get your symptoms checked. Most symptoms of earwax buildup are similar to signs of other problems, such as an ear infection or permanent hearing loss. Therefore, it is crucial to get a professional’s diagnosis on whether the problem is in fact earwax buildup blocking your ear canal.

If your audiologist determines the problem can be solved by ear cleaning or ear irrigation – you are in luck. Audiologists have a simple way of cleaning your ears. They use warm water or water and saline solution to help flush out the excess accumulation from your ear canals. It is a relatively pain-free procedure that takes little more than 30 minutes to perform. You can walk out of the audiologist’s office feeling as good as new.

Cleaning ears at home

Many people prefer to perform their ear cleaning at home. Experts strongly urge against it because of the imminent risk of doing damage to the delicate inner parts of the ear. However, you can clean your ears at home if you take all the safety precautions and discuss any methods with your audiologist first.

One safe way of cleaning your ears, for example, is to use medicated eardrops. These are easily available from any pharmacy and can be inserted into your ear canal to soften the earwax, fight off infections and kill any bacteria. Once the wax is softened, it will slide out of the ear in a natural way.

If you’re dealing with an earwax impaction or have any loss of hearing or pain, it’s time to see a professional. Talk with an audiologist in your area to find out what your options are when it comes to keeping your ears clean!