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A Healthy Diet Can Lower the Risks of Hearing Loss

a family eating a home cooked meal

It has been well known for a long time that our diet has a huge impact on our health in more ways than we realize. When trying to make a positive change to your life and be healthier overall, diet is often an area of focus.

Did you know that your diet can impact your hearing and your sight? 

Many of us take for granted our senses however if we are to keep them throughout our lives, we must take steps to stay healthy and fit. Hearing is just one of the many processes that go on in our body every day and to ensure it stays running smoothly we must eat the right foods. 

The ear is an organ just like the heart and the stomach – and there are foods we eat that can facilitate the healthy function of our ears throughout our lives. Today we want to look at a few of the foods you should add to your diet to maintain good hearing and avoid needing a hearing aid if possible. 


Fish is a good that appears on a lot of healthy eating lists and it is easy to see why. Fish is lean with little fat and full of things such omega three and six, vitamin D, and essential minerals we need in our body. If you want to help your hearing ability this year it is a good idea to eat at least one portion of fish every week as it contains high levels of Vitamin D that strengthens the bones inside the ear and helps prevent issues such as otosclerosis. 


Legumes include foods such as beans and peas and are an important part of our diet for a healthy gut. As well as being great for the gut, legumes also have a lot of zinc in them making them brilliant for your hearing. Zinc is a crucial mineral for us to have in our diet and it not only supports a strong and healthy immune system, but it also boosts our hearing.


Bananas are a superfood we should all be eating every single day to stay healthy and lean – but our hearing can benefit from a banana every day and the reason why potassium is. We have all been told about how bananas are full of potassium but why do we need this for our bodies? 

Well, potassium helps to maintain our hearing as we age, and this is because potassium is essential for our hearing and our potassium levels naturally decrease as we age. So, as you grow older make sure to supplement your diet by eating a banana a day.


Broccoli is an excellent food for your overall wellbeing. Broccoli is packed full of fiber and vitamin C to promote healthy skin and vitamin K. Broccoli can stop the formation of free radicals in the body which can break down our cells and cause diseases. For our hearing it can prevent the risk of hearing related diseases and will always keep us strong and healthy. 

Dark chocolate

Did we just add chocolate to a list of healthy eating? Yes, we did. Now is the ideal excuse to tell your partner you need a chocolate bar because dark chocolate is full of antioxidants and vitamins that aid digestion and promote our immune system and metabolism. For our hearing in particular – dark chocolate increases the magnesium levels of the body which can help maintain good circulation to our ear, promoting healthier hearing. 


Garlic is a food that most of us love, and it can bring a whole wealth of health benefits to our bodies throughout our lives. Garlic is brilliant for the heart and lowering cholesterol, it can reduce inflammation in the body and in our ears and it reduces blood pressure to promote better circulation and better hearing. If you want an excuse to add a clove of garlic to every single meal, then here it is. 

It is so important if you want to maintain a healthy body and good hearing over the course of your life that you eat the right foods and understand the impact that diet can have on the body. Use this list to help you eat the right foods to maintain your hearing and keep you healthy. Call Hear for You Hearing & Balance Center at 401-475-6116 to get more advice to keep you healthy and your hearing strong for years to come.