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5 Ways to Prepare for Your Hearing Test

5 Ways to Prepare for Your Hearing Test

How does one really prepare for a hearing test? Is there actually a right or wrong way to do so? These are both very good questions and no there really is no right or wrong way just as long as you do and prepare in a way that works best for you. Each and every person is different. No two people are alike and in this sense, no two people prepare for the same appointment the same way. So here a few tips and tricks that may help you in preparing for your hearing test appointment.

1. Write it down

Prior to your appointment think about and write down any and all questions, comments or concerns you may have about your hearing, hearing loss, your audiologist or hearing aids to ask at your appointment. There is nothing wrong or stupid that you could say or ask your audiologist – all comments, questions and concerns are important and need to and should, for that matter, be addressed. It may also help to bring a friend or a family member with you to your appointment to make sure all your comments, questions or concerns are answered.

2. Listen with an open mind

Be prepared for anything they may say to you and be open to it. Your audiologist knows a lot; they have a wealth of information, knowledge and experience.

3. Do your own research

Prepare yourself by looking on the internet or asking others what their experience has been. Ask them about the testing and how it felt or what they heard. Watch videos online of hearing tests. Look at pictures of the equipment that is used. Read more articles related to hearing testing and the different parts of the hearing test. Learn from others.

4. Ask for their medical questionnaire ahead of time

It might be an idea to ask for their medical questionnaire ahead of time. Not only does this give you lots of time to fill out all of the required information but it also give you a chance to go over and digest what they are looking for. It can give you a sense of the types of questions they will be asking you in person and the types of questions you need to actually need answered.

5. Talk with your insurance company

 It is a smart idea to talk with your insurance company prior to the appointment to find out what – if anything – is covered. You may also want to ask your audiologist’s practice if they direct bill to insurance companies. This way, by talking to your insurance company prior to your appointment, you will know and understand what your insurance company wants from you and your audiologist for the appointment to be covered.

The best advice is to be calm and to be open to the experience. There will be a lot of information given to you throughout the appointment to taking notes is a good idea; just as is writing down all of your comments, questions or concerns prior to the appointment. It can be overwhelming but with a calm mind and perhaps another set of ears in that of a friend or family member you will be able to handle and get through the appointment with flying colors.