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5 Amazing Gift Ideas for People with Hearing Loss 

5 Amazing Gift Ideas for People with Hearing Loss 

Are you one of those people who find buying gifts a daunting task? Do you often get confused and bewildered at the options available in the market? Do you find yourself wondering whether the gift you will buy would be useful? 

Well, buying gifts is definitely not an easy task and it gets even more difficult if you have to buy a gift for someone with hearing loss because not a lot of people know about the options available in the market. This guide will help you find the best gift for your friends and family members who have a hearing impairment. 

1. The Trellie 

Trellie is a flashing device that is linked to your cell phone. Whenever there is a message or a call on your cell phone, Trellie will flash in order to notify you. Trellie comes in different shapes and sizes, both wearable and non-wearable. The device can also work as jewelry for your loved one. 

2. LampLighter Signaler 

LampLighter Signaler is a unique device that alerts you through a light signal. The device has a lamp which flashes in different patterns to alert you about a ringing doorbell, phone call, fire alarm or any other notification. 

It uses LED lights for each type of alert and uses different types of unique flashing patterns for each of them. Simultaneously, you can also use the lamp normally for regular use by simply switching it on and off by a button on top of the LampLighter Signaler.  

3. AuDBling jewelry 

AuDBling is owned by Michael Crosby, a ceramic tile businessman, and Noel Crosby, an audiologist. The duo founded the company when Noel got an idea about making jewelry for hearing aids and cochlear implants when she saw an ear jewelry that looked a lot like a cochlear implant. 

The jewelry comes in various forms such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings. There are different jewelry sets available as well. 

4. Charms and tube twists 

Ever witnessed your partner lacking confidence because of his or her hearing aid or cochlear implant? Want to make them feel more confident and love themselves? Charms and tube twists might be able to solve the problem. 

Designed by a 14-year-old Hayleigh Scott, a profoundly hard of hearing girl, these charms and tube twists make the hearing aids and cochlear implants pretty and full of bling. These accessories make the wearer feel more confident about wearing hearing devices. 

5. Hearing aids and cochlear implants secure cords 

These cords are custom-designed to your order. The secure cords attach to hearing aids or cochlear implants and clips them to the clothing. They help secure these hearing devices from falling or getting lost. The cords come in different designs, shape, and sizes as well. They can also be customized upon the client’s request. 

This is not an exhaustible list of products available in the market for people with hearing loss and there are several more options present as well. Thus, all it take is some knowledge about what might be useful and what options are available to get the best gift. Do not forget to analyze the gifts and ensure whether or not your friend would like it.