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4 Signs Your Hearing Aid Needs Repairs

Hearing Aid Maintenance

If you visited an audiologist a few months ago and they provided a hearing aid device to improve your hearing, there is a reasonable chance you will have to pay for repairs at some point. However, you only need to do that if your current instrument fails to function as expected. You can use the information below to conduct an assessment and make sure your hearing aid is still in perfect condition. If you notice any of the issue mentioned below, it’s wise to call your audiologist and ask about sending the item back to them for repairs. In some situations, you can also post the product back to the manufacturer.

Your hearing aid doesn’t produce any sound

If your hearing aid fails to produce any sound, that’s a decent indication that you have a fault. Let your audiologist know as soon as possible and arrange to visit their office. The professional will take a look at the device and attempt to work out if there is a quick fix. Presuming the audiologist can’t repair your equipment there, and then, you might have to wait a couple of days.

Your hearing aid sounds distorted

Lots of people report their hearing aids begin to produce distorted sounds after using them for a couple of months. If that happens to your device, it’s essential that you go to see your hearing specialist and let them know about the issue. Sometimes the audiologist will make a few adjustments to rectify the problem. However, there are other instances in which you might have to wait for a replacement part.

Your hearing aid volume is too low

The maximum volume on your hearing aid should be more than loud enough for you to hear conversations and interact with your friends and family. If your volume is too low; you might need to adjust the settings and increase it. In some situations, the volume issue could relate to a malfunctioning component, and so again, you might have to wait a few days.

Your hearing aid loses a part

Hearing aids can take a bashing sometimes, and there is little you can do to prevent that from happening. If you bang your hearing aid against something or it falls off and breaks; you’ll have to arrange repairs as soon as you can. You might even decide to purchase a new device because that might cost less. Discuss your options with the audiologist before you agree on the best course of action.

If your hearing aid suffers from any of the issues mentioned in this post, call your audiologist today and start the ball rolling on turning the situation around. In most instances, hearing aid repairs should only take a couple of days at most unless the professional has to wait for replacement parts to arrive. So, the sooner you contact your audiologist; the less time you will have to spend in a world where you can’t hear correctly. While the cost can vary, it won’t usually break the bank.