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4 Questions to Ask Your Audiologist

Audiology Appointment

Finding an audiologist is an important step when it comes to taking control of your hearing health. Before settling on an audiologist that’s simply the closest to you, put some research into finding the right candidates to fit your needs. Curious how to tell if an audiologist is the right one for you? Consider asking these four questions when determining whether or not you found the right audiologist.

1. Where are you located?

While this may seem like a simple question and answer, it’s a good one to start off with. You want to make sure you select an audiologist with a location convenient to your home, work or school. In the event you are diagnosed with hearing loss and need hearing aids as treatment, you may need to visit your audiologist frequently in the first couple of months. Finding an audiologist located close to your home, work or school allows you to easily make appointments and not have to fight traffic or drive the opposite way. Additionally, find out if there are any charges for parking, if the parking lot is located on site or if it’s in a garage shared with a hospital or other office buildings. These minute details can make or break your first experience with an audiologist.

2. What are your hours of operation?

Are you easily able to take off work or school for an appointment, or do you require special hours? While some audiologists offer evening appointments during the week or open on Saturdays to better accommodate patients, some do not. If you require non-traditional hours, make sure you select an audiologist capable of meeting your needs.

3. What services do you offer?

Whether you’re seeing the audiologist for hearing loss, tinnitus or to have custom ear protection made, it’s important to find out if your audiologist specializes in the particular needs you require. While all audiologists are familiar or treat these kinds of issues, if you’re seeking certain hearing aid technology, tinnitus therapy or custom noise protection, it’s a good idea to select an audiologist who offers these services.

4. What payment plans do you offer?

While many insurance companies are beginning to provide coverage for hearing tests and exams, most still do not offer benefits when it comes to purchasing hearing aids. Talk to the audiologist you’re considering about what payment plans or credit lines the offer to ensure you’ll be able to comfortably afford treatment.

Selecting an audiologist is a big decision and you want to make sure you find one whose care you are comfortable and confident in. Talk more with your potential audiologist about what care and services they can offer you.