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4 Hearing Aid Maintenance Tips to Prevent Repairs

Hearing Aid Maintenance

Hearing aids are highly beneficial devices that can dramatically enhance a person’s ability to hear. However, hearing aids are also very delicate and can be expensive. Because of this, it is a good idea to know how to maintain your hearing aids well, so that you can reduce the chances of needing a repair. Here are some great tips for maintaining your hearing aids to prevent needing repairs.

1. Do not expose your hearing aids to moisture

There are a small number of hearing aids that are genuinely waterproof. However, the vast majority of hearing aids are not waterproof. For waterproof hearing aids, it is okay to get them wet. But for most hearing aids, exposure to water or other fluids can be a disaster. That is because if fluids get into the hearing aid, they can damage the electronics within the device. So, you should always be careful not to expose your hearing aids to water unless they are waterproof.

2. Clean earwax out regularly

If you wear your hearing aids for long enough, then wax can accumulate within them. Too much wax in your hearing aids can cause them not to work effectively. To keep your hearing aids performing well, you should clean the wax out of them regularly. You can do this with a wax pic.

3. Store them in a secure location

You should not store your hearing aids on the ground or anywhere else where they can be easily damaged. If you step on your hearing aid or drop it, then that can definitely be enough to damage it. Hearing aid repairs can be very expensive. So, you should store your hearing aids safely in a box or case and then keep them in a drawer or somewhere else that is safe.

4. Do not use hairspray or similar products while wearing your hearing aids

While you are wearing your hearing aids, it is best to avoid dousing your head with perfume, hairspray or other products. This is because these products can get inside of your hearing aids and cause damage to them. Instead, wait until you are not wearing your hearing aids to use them.

Talk to your audiologist more about hearing aid care and maintenance. Your audiologist will be able to help you establish the right cleaning routine, in addition to evaluating and examining your hearing aids in the event repairs are needed.