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Hearing Aid Fitting

All the tests and evaluations that lead up to your hearing aid fitting will help with the programming of your first device. Once the patient makes a choice on the type of hearing aid they want, on arrival the audiologist will program it based on the results of the test. A hearing aid fitting is much more than a walk-in and serves as an introduction to using the same hearing aids you picked out. Because of the depth of information that needs to be absorbed, bringing along a trusted friend or family member is recommended. 

The importance of the first fitting

A professional from Hear for You Hearing & Balance Center will introduce you to the new device. They will explain how to use it, starting with how to put them in your ear and remove them. You’ll also go over battery changing, minor cleaning and how to change specific settings. Depending on how modern the device is, Bluetooth and other extra features will be discussed as needed. Once you put the hearing aids in for the first time, small adjustments will be made so that they perform optimally for your needs. A few minor tests will help in making it pitch perfect for everyday use. 

Questions you should ask

The audiologist may give you a quick survey to test your comfort level with the new hearing aids. Honesty is the best way to approach those questions, since what you experience at that moment will be the same experience every day you wear the device. Approving of something that isn’t comfortable will only confuse the process, so always ask questions relating to sound quality, volume and of course the comfort level. If you chose a modern hearing aid, inquire about the extra features that can be used to extend its functionality in and out of the house. Check to see if any of the manufacturers from Hear for You Hearing & Balance Center, LLC have compatible accessories for your new hearing aid. Ask whatever questions come to mind, even if you feel uncomfortable.

Be prepared

Your first hearing aid fitting is an overwhelming experience. Try to bring someone with you to absorb the information, and if that isn’t possible, bring a notepad. Have questions already written, along with a list of wants and needs for your hearing health. Patients who walk in with a plan can leave the office confident in their new hearing aid selection.